Connect the Dots

private property, poverty, class, injustice, economyDo you know what I mean about property here? Not my house, my car, or even my small business I’m doing the best I can kind of property. I’m talking about that gigunda, grabbing up all living space, air, water, seed, bones, mega-factory, corporate sprawling purveyor of misery we call capitalism. That kind of property. It sucks to feed itself. Life. Possibility. Out of most of us. Makes us unrecognizable to each other. My class. Your class. Yes, it sucks. But for every action, there is a reaction. That’s physics. So, what do we do?

Wedding Plans


Birthdays. Funerals. Community events. Weddings. The important life affirming events of any human society. Times to be cherished, honored. The US government does neither, however. Rather it sees those events as prime opportunity to seek and destroy with its high-tech weaponry. If we value human culture we must end drone warfare.


frack, earthquakes

Mess around with the bones of the earth, there is liable to be trouble. Earthquakes appearing in new, startling places like Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Netherlands, not known for earthquakes but sites for fracking.  It’s madness. If you’d like to see a very simple info-graphic on fracking, generally, check out Dangers of Fracking. You can get the picture of why continued use of this practice can only bring us grief.

Women Walk


Every day women around the world spend 200 million hours collecting water for their families. While they walk, private ownership of water, excessive use of water for vast mono-cultural agribusinesses, deforestation/desertification practices, and climate change go unchecked, creating and worsening this situation. Their paths are not romantic, safe or easy. They can walk for hours then trip, fall and lose their days work. Their backs, internal organs break down from the incessant, cumbersome weights they carry, sometimes three times/day at all hours. Surely, this is something that must be attended to.

Humanity in Motion

refugees, immigrants, displaced persons, survival

According to UN figures, there were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014. The number of people internally displaced by persecution, war or conflict reached a record number of nearly 60 million people. Then we have all the numbers who scramble from place to place because of their economic conditions. We move to survive, not to cause trouble or discomfort for other people.

Beloved Sister

Beloved Sister

We are supposed to identify with nation above humanity or sisterhood, to support endless wars, to not-see our government’s crimes dressed up in “humanitarian interventions.” Let’s not. We should be outraged that women and their loved ones all over the world are being relentlessly trammeled by the injustice of our wars. Wars, now, not just led by men, but also by women of great power and deception.