Schools Not Prisons


It’s mind-boggling that a soci­ety pro­fess­ing moral demo­c­ra­tic supe­ri­or­ity around the world would stand by as Black and Latino chil­dren get pushed out of schools into what most likely will be an incar­cer­ated future. And yet, that is what is hap­pen­ing here and now. If you would like to know about the school to prison pipeline check out ACLU’s source page.

No Walls


I used to teach first grade before I even con­sid­ered the pos­si­bil­ity that I might be an artist. One day I ten­ta­tively drew a stick fig­ure (impov­er­ished school, lousy resources)  and received unan­i­mous acco­lades from a room­ful of lit­tle bitty peo­ple. I was delighted. So I think of them and still do art from time to time that I think they might be able to “read,” despite the seri­ous top­ics I deal with. And chil­dren can under­stand injustice.