Women Move

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Women leav­ing their home coun­tries, flee­ing war, domes­tic and social vio­lence, poverty and polit­i­cal and reli­gious per­se­cu­tion, find that even their jour­neys are fraught with vio­lence, abuse and exploita­tion. Eighty per­cent of women and girls leav­ing Cen­tral Amer­ica for the US are raped or abused. It is such a com­mon occur­rence, tak­ing birth con­trol is seen as a nec­es­sary. Women in many parts of the world set­ting out for a new life are grabbed and caught by elab­o­rate net­works of sex traf­fick­ing, one of the three most lucra­tive busi­nesses inter­na­tion­ally (the other two are drugs and ille­gal arms deal­ing). Surely safe pas­sage is an impor­tant issue for feminists.

Schools Not Prisons


school to prison pipeline, prison industrial complex, push out, racism, justice, educationIt’s mind-boggling that a soci­ety pro­fess­ing moral demo­c­ra­tic supe­ri­or­ity around the world would stand by as Black and Latino chil­dren get pushed out of schools into what most likely will be an incar­cer­ated future. And yet, that is what is hap­pen­ing here and now. If you would like to know about the school to prison pipeline check out ACLU’s source page.