Head Over Hands

police brutality, domestic abuse, mass homicide, gun control,violence

So much vio­lence. Police and gun-toting whites killing unarmed Black youth. High school stu­dents mas­sacring each other. Men killing their wives, girl­friends, chil­dren. White on White vio­lence. Black on Black. Brown on Brown. Red on Red. Too much vio­lence. I am revers­ing the slo­gan  “Hands Over Heads” to “HEADS Over Hands” since sur­ren­der doesn’t seem to be working.

Schools or Prisons?

schools, education, prisons, school-prison pipeline, racism, class

Today, I heard another instance of there being “not enough money”  to appro­pri­ately fund a pre­dom­i­nately Black and Latino high school’s course offer­ings. This time the school is Jef­fer­son High in Los Ange­les. Stu­dents will not get the courses they need to grad­u­ate on time. Stu­dents will have to repeat classes they have already passed. Where do they turn? What does that slick say­ing “When one door closes, another one opens” mean for young peo­ple in this school? What options are we giv­ing our pre­cious youth when “not enough money” is seen as a good enough rea­son to block vital oppor­tu­ni­ties for some, when there is plenty of money avail­able for war, pris­ons, and yachts? Is this democ­racy? Justice?

Who is UnCivil?

civility, political strategy, social movement

I believe it is impor­tant for activists to be dis­ci­plined in our dis­cus­sions about social issues. We need to speak to allies and poten­tial allies in a way that edu­cates, sup­ports, ral­lies and sus­tains peo­ple rather than vent­ing at peo­ple of power. This is not a moral issue, but one of prac­ti­cal strate­gic sense. We need to keep build­ing. How­ever, we must ques­tion the source of this cur­rent push to empha­size civil­ity, an inces­sant point­ing the fin­ger of con­dem­na­tion at the enraged expres­sions of oppressed peo­ple. It puts the onus of “civil­ity” on peo­ple who do not call the shots, rather than on the those who do. Hmm. A misdirect?