Women Move

Women Move

Women leav­ing their home coun­tries, flee­ing war, domes­tic and social vio­lence, poverty and polit­i­cal, gen­der and reli­gious per­se­cu­tion, find that even their jour­neys are fraught with vio­lence, abuse and exploita­tion. Eighty per­cent of women and girls leav­ing Cen­tral Amer­ica for the US are raped or abused. It is such a com­mon occur­rence, they take birth con­trol along to avoid unwanted preg­nan­cies. Women in many parts of the world set­ting out for a new life are grabbed and caught by elab­o­rate net­works of sex traf­fick­ing, one of the three most lucra­tive illicit busi­nesses inter­na­tion­ally (the other two are drugs and ille­gal arms deal­ing). Surely safe pas­sage is an impor­tant issue for feminists.

Wars Rage, Cities Crumble


A soci­ety bent on war can­not take care of its own. When we destroy the lives, homes, and pos­si­bil­i­ties of peo­ple around the world we can­not fund, pro­tect or nur­ture own lives, homes and pos­si­bil­i­ties. We destroy our­selves.  With a col­lec­tive fist, which should hold right­eous­ness and gen­eros­ity, we hand over our own lifeblood to forge a relent­less attack on the human rela­tions we have never both­ered to know. We acqui­esce in a ter­ri­ble deci­sion. Or do we?

Commune (The Verb)

It is easy when doing polit­i­cal posters to focus on our trou­bles. There are many, after all. Some­times, how­ever, I nudge myself to con­cen­trate on our vision of a bet­ter life, to remind myself why I got involved in move­ments in the first place. The power and joy of deep con­nec­tion with earth, the nat­ural world, with other human beings. The impor­tance of cre­at­ing eco­nomic sys­tems and social insti­tu­tions that honor and sup­port those con­nec­tions. Doing this poster brought me back to those first excit­ing, very con­nected days way back when.… Sigh.

Schools or Prisons?

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Today, I heard another instance of there being “not enough money”  to appro­pri­ately fund a pre­dom­i­nately Black and Latino high school’s course offer­ings. This time the school is Jef­fer­son High in Los Ange­les. Stu­dents will not get the courses they need to grad­u­ate on time. Stu­dents will have to repeat classes they have already passed. Where do they turn? What does that slick say­ing “When one door closes, another one opens” mean for young peo­ple in this school? What options are we giv­ing our pre­cious youth when “not enough money” is seen as a good enough rea­son to block vital oppor­tu­ni­ties for some, when there is plenty of money avail­able for war, pris­ons, and yachts? Is this democ­racy? Justice?

Who is UnCivil?

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I believe it is impor­tant for activists to be dis­ci­plined in our dis­cus­sions about social issues. We need to speak to allies and poten­tial allies in a way that edu­cates, sup­ports, ral­lies and sus­tains peo­ple rather than vent­ing at peo­ple of power. This is not a moral issue, but one of prac­ti­cal strate­gic sense. We need to keep build­ing. How­ever, we must ques­tion the source of this cur­rent push to empha­size civil­ity, an inces­sant point­ing the fin­ger of con­dem­na­tion at the enraged expres­sions of oppressed peo­ple. It puts the onus of “civil­ity” on peo­ple who do not call the shots, rather than on the those who do. Hmm. A misdirect?

Schools Not Prisons

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It’s mind-boggling that a soci­ety pro­fess­ing moral demo­c­ra­tic supe­ri­or­ity around the world would stand by as Black and Latino chil­dren get pushed out of schools into what very likely will be an incar­cer­ated future. And yet, that is what is hap­pen­ing here and now. If you would like to know about the school to prison pipeline check out ACLU’s source page.