Schools or Prisons?

schools, education, prisons, school-prison pipeline, racism, class

Today, I heard another instance of there being “not enough money”¬† to appropriately fund a predominately Black and Latino high school’s course offerings. This time the school is Jefferson High in Los Angeles. Students will not get the courses they need to graduate on time. Students will have to repeat classes they have already passed. Where do they turn? What does that slick saying “When one door closes, another one opens” mean for young people in this school? What options are we giving our precious youth when “not enough money” is seen as a good enough reason to block vital opportunities for some, when there is plenty of money available for war, prisons, and yachts? Is this democracy? Justice?

Who is UnCivil?

civility, political strategy, social movement

I believe it is important for activists to be disciplined in our discussions about social issues. We need to speak to allies and potential allies in a way that educates, supports, rallies and sustains people rather than venting at people of power. This is not a moral issue, but one of practical strategic sense. We need to keep building. However, we must question the source of this current push to emphasize civility, an incessant pointing the finger of condemnation at the enraged expressions of oppressed people. It puts the onus of “civility” on people who do not call the shots, rather than on the those who do. Hmm. A misdirect?