Hello. My name is Leslie Dwyer. I am the artist and worker-bee for this website.

Design4Peace is a site for gathering, displaying and sharing my art for peace and justice.  As an artist and writer I aim to craft imagery to help jump-start, sustain and carry on discussions and activity to build a better world.

If you are interested in using an image, here are some options:

  • Individuals I am not currently selling posters in any shop, although this may change at a future time. If you would like a poster, contact me via the contact page.
  • Nonprofit or Movement Organizations If you would like to arrange to sell posters for fundraising, or use the image on a website, publication or for organizing efforts, contact me via the contact page. For use on a website or publication, I will ask you to acknowledge the artist and include my website address. I would love posters to be part of paste up efforts!
  • Businesses If you would like to license my work, please contact me via the contact page.

Please go to the contact page if you’d like to send feedback, or have questions.


Leslie Dwyer