Common Ground

Let’s remember there are many things we have in common. The need for love, security, food, shelter, health, housing. Watching our children grow into their amazing possibilities.Working jobs that respect our dignity.  Growing into old age honored and protected. How is fanning the flames of distrust between us blocking our right to meet those needs?

Wars Rage, Cities Crumble

A society bent on war cannot take care of its own. When we destroy the lives, homes, and possibilities of people around the world we cannot fund, protect or nurture own lives, homes and possibilities. We destroy ourselves.  With a collective fist, which should hold righteousness and generosity, we hand over our own lifeblood to forge a relentless attack on the human relations we have never bothered to know. We acquiesce in a terrible decision. Or do we?

Commune (The Verb)

It is easy when doing political posters to focus on our troubles. There are many, after all. Sometimes, however, I nudge myself to concentrate on our vision of a better life, to remind myself why I got involved in movements in the first place. The power and joy of deep connection with earth, the natural world, with other human beings. The importance of creating economic systems and social institutions that honor and support those connections. Doing this poster brought me back to those first exciting, very connected days way back when…. Sigh.



Walking. It’s supposed to be good for us, if we are able. Supposedly, doctors recommend 10,000 steps a day. Let’s think about this. If you take 10,000 steps and multiple it by the number of people on the planet, even factoring differences in the walking capacities, maybe working in a formula for rolling, that’s a lot of steps. Now, the important question, how many of the sum total of steps taken all around the world would be done in safety? For how many people does walking turn out to be not so good for them because while they were walking they were in the wrong skin, wrong gender, believing the wrong things, loving the wrong people, living in the wrong place?


Home! A Human Right

One day, when I was observing beginning teachers, the students were reading a story about someone who was worrying. The teacher stopped, made sure they knew what “worry” meant, then asked what made them worry. One student quickly raised his 7 year old hand and said, ” I worry we won’t be able to pay the rent.” No seven year old child should have this worry. Home is a human right.

Cost Of War


This poster is in a perpetual draft state, but I though I’d put it out here. What is the cost of war? Our human services, community life, family security and our ability to feel empathy. Drones leveled at one society are metaphorically pointed towards our own. Being lulled into a false sense of calm, of distance from the ugliness of war, is temporary. It will come back to bite us in the b…..