Ghosts of War

war stories, memories

Every war is fought long after the last physical battle. It is the sustained battle for a dominating, ruling story about that war. Why did we go to war? How did we fight? Who were the righteous and glorious? The evil and devious? Who were the victors? What were the costs? War after war, a  repeating pattern. In this United States, it is a lethal pattern propelling us  into acceptance of the next war — and the next. In a period consigned to “commemorating” the American War in Vietnam, we must grab hold of, shake out, and retell that story. We must face the ghosts of war, hear the true memories, create a new pattern. Find out what Veterans For Peace are doing at their site,  Full Disclosure: Toward An Honest Commemoration of the American War in Vietnam.

3 thoughts on “Ghosts of War

  1. Nice piece Leslie. Questions that should always be uppermost in our minds. Unfortunately they are not and we keep falling into the same conflicts often not knowing why we got into them in the first place.

    Good work, visually and in prose.

  2. Leslie, John just sent me your website. I am stunned by your work. It is really powerful and it does serve to say 1000 words …and more.

I learn and am inspired by your comments!