Glistening Brooks


water scarcity, water rights, water democracy

When I was a kid, my friends and I could hop on our bikes, pedal a mile or so and cup our hands to fetch and drink delicious, clean, ice-cold, fresh spring water. We knew the water was safe and never dreamed that it would disappear or that others could not have what we did. When I hear of the phenomenal numbers of people in the world without access to clean water, I am stunned. When I find myself not trusting the water flowing out of my tap or hear about impending and already occurring scarcity, I am stunned. Water and humans go together. There should be no assigning of privilege with access to this basic elemental right. Nor should there be corporate practices that hoard, misuse, or defile our water. If you’d like some facts on water, check out this United Nations fact sheet. Staggering.

2 thoughts on “Glistening Brooks

  1. One of your most inspiring works. Shelter is very important. Healthy food is a right. Meaningful work and clothing are a human right. If thousands of people die from lack of clean water, these other concerns are irrelevant. To say nothing of iPads and Oakley sunglasses.

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