Which is the Crime?

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are being kept (and forced to work) in immigrant detention centers for crossing a border every year. Along with the necessary question of Who Benefits? (largely private corporations), this raises other questions: Which is the crime? Crossing a border? Or keeping immigrants captive for money? This is not new in the age of Trump. Obama (who deported more people than all other presidents of the century before him, combined) detained large numbers of families in prison setting the stage for Trump’s policies today. For more on this stage setting, check out Cruel and immoral: America must close the doors of its immigration prisons by C.C. Garcia Hernandez, https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/17/family-separation-family-detention-immigration. If you would like to see stats on immigrants in detention centers check out Freedom for Immigrants site: https://www.freedomforimmigrants.org/detention-statistics/


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