My Sister Would Never

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I’ve said it else­where on this site, but feel com­pelled to repeat this mes­sage over and over. Women mov­ing into key posi­tions of pow­er under the name of fem­i­nism, then push­ing the but­tons of impe­r­i­al wars, no mat­ter what name they give those wars is an out­rage. It is not an advance of women or fem­i­nism, it is a pro­found loss. I hear women say it helps us all when women get in these places. It’s the oppo­site. We helped them get in pow­er as they claim vic­to­ry in sis­ter­hood. It’s a twist­ed mock­ery of sis­ter­hood. Let’s make it real, deep and international.

Use Your Numbers

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Remem­ber say­ing (or some­one say­ing to you) “Use your words” just before some­one was about to slug some­one else as a child. Yea, it works for some things. But for the big mega pow­er prob­lem we have before us , words don’t do much. Yet, we are many. We have the num­bers. We need to use them.