We will be hear­ing the word “bal­ance” a great deal with the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick doc­u­men­tary series on Viet­Nam com­ing up this fall. Ques­tion the notion. When a mega pow­er invades a small coun­try and then tells the sto­ry, there is no bal­ance. The telling of the dom­i­nat­ing per­spec­tive is anoth­er war (this time for our minds) even when coat­ed with mis­di­rects, niceties and seduc­tions. If you want to arm your­self before lis­ten­ing to the Burns-Novick work read John Mar­ciano’s The Amer­i­can War in Viet­nam: Crime or Com­mem­o­ra­tion or go to the Vets for Peace Full Dis­clo­sure site.

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