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Accord­ing to a UN 2005 study there are at least 100 mil­lion home­less in the world. I imag­ine there are more now, not less. A study by Habi­tat in 2015 found 1.6 bil­lion peo­ple lacked ade­quate hous­ing. In the Philip­pines 22.8 mil­lion peo­ple are home­less out of a pop­u­la­tion of about 105 mil­lion. One in ten school chil­dren in New York City is home­less. In Los Ange­les Coun­ty, 8% of the pop­u­la­tion is Black. 40% of its home­less pop­u­la­tion is Black. The UN fig­ures about 795 mil­lion peo­ple of the 7.3 bil­lion peo­ple in the world (1 in 9) suf­fered from chron­ic under­nour­ish­ment in 2014–2016. While the vast major­i­ty of those were from the devel­op­ing world, this does not mean the devel­oped world is doing so great. In the US, one in six of us face hunger on a reg­u­lar basis. I’m just throw­ing some num­bers around. The real sto­ry is in the liv­ing of home­less­ness and hunger, the out­rage and the rob­bery that caus­es it.

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Agribusiness Kills Farmers



Every 30 min­utes a farmer in India com­mits sui­cide. That means in the 2 decades since large seed cor­po­ra­tions have plant­ed them­selves in India, almost a quar­ter mil­lion farm­ers have killed them­selves, leav­ing behind fam­i­lies in impos­si­ble debt, loss and despair. Export focused, non-food mono-cul­tur­al crops, forced use of ter­mi­na­tor seeds, pes­ti­cides and fer­til­iz­ers requir­ing recur­ring loans cre­ate stag­ger­ing finan­cial bur­dens, rob peo­ple of their capac­i­ty to pro­vide for their fam­i­lies. But don’t think this is Indi­a’s prob­lem alone. The rate of farmer sui­cide in the U.S. is more than dou­ble that of any oth­er occu­pa­tion.