Connect the Dots

private property, poverty, class, injustice, economyDo you know what I mean about prop­er­ty here? Not my house, my car, or even my small busi­ness I’m doing the best I can kind of prop­er­ty. I’m talk­ing about that gigun­da, grab­bing up all liv­ing space, air, water, seed, bones, mega-fac­to­ry, cor­po­rate sprawl­ing pur­vey­or of mis­ery we call cap­i­tal­ism. That kind of prop­er­ty. It sucks to feed itself. Life. Pos­si­bil­i­ty. Out of most of us. Makes us unrec­og­niz­able to each oth­er. My class. Your class. Yes, it sucks. But for every action, there is a reac­tion. That’s physics. So, what do we do?

Use Your Numbers

99%, movement, social change,

Remem­ber say­ing (or some­one say­ing to you) “Use your words” just before some­one was about to slug some­one else as a child. Yea, it works for some things. But for the big mega pow­er prob­lem we have before us , words don’t do much. Yet, we are many. We have the num­bers. We need to use them.